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Ill 364:  Illustration Research

Spring 2015 Mondays, 1:30-6pm

307 Shaffer Art Building

Instructor:  Professor Yvonne Buchanan
Office hours:  361 Shaffer Art Building / Tuesday 10-12noon
Phone:  443-9189

Through homework assignments and in-class drawing and painting activities, students will further develop their individual styles as well as engage in experimental approaches to illustration. This course will offer opportunities for exploration in approaches and mediums allowing the artist/student to broaden their illustration practice.
The goal is for the student to find a balance between market awareness and the importance of defining one self and ones’ artwork.

Critique issues:
Artwork produced will be reviewed with these criteria in mind:
a. Is it interesting? Does it compel the viewer to engage with the work for more than five seconds?
b. Is it conceptually strong?  Is it readable and understandable? Does it say what you want the work to say? Will the viewer know the story/concept you are illustrating.
c. Is there a high level of craft? Is it executed well, is the work an example of your mastery of your chosen materials?
d. Have you taken a chance with a new technique, style or approach in order to stretch your limits and gain experience?

Meeting deadlines is critical for a successful illustration practice and time management will be emphasized.

Classroom procedures:
Always bring your laptop to class. If you do not have one, the computer lab will be available to you during the class time.

Cell phone:
There will be no cell phone use in the classroom, including voice or texting. if you need to contact someone, you can step out into the hall during breaks.

Ipod (or music listening device):
These devices can be used during individual class work time, when the instructor is not lecturing.

Grading Standards:
A   achievement is outstanding relative to the level necessary to meet course requirements
B    achievement is significantly above the level necessary to meet course requirements
C    achievement meets the course requirements in every respect
D   achievement is worthy of credit even though it fails to meet the course requirements
F    achievement is not worthy of credit or was not completed / represents failure

Grade Distribution:
Assignment One:  20%
Assignment Two:  20%
Assignment Three:  20%
Assignment Four:  20%
Participation/professional conduct: 10%
Final Survey: 10%

Absences and tardiness:
Excessive absences are not acceptable. Your presence, artwork and opinions are important and your absence deprives your fellow students. Three or more unexplained absences will result in a failing grade.
If you are to be absent, please email me beforehand. Tardiness is disruptive to the class so be sure your alarm clock is working and you arrive on time.  Any unexcused tardiness beyond a reasonable few minutes may be counted as an absence.

Special Accommodations:
If you have a disability that requires special accommodation, please let me know as soon as possible so that I can be of assistance. I require a letter from the Office of Disability Services. If you have any questions, please refer to 

Religious holidays:
Let me know if you need to be away for a holiday that occurs when the class meets and I will make sure you have the material to keep up.

Academic Integrity: 
Please see the Undergraduate Course Catalog that deals with academic integrity, sections to section []

Ill 364:  Illustration Research

Spring 2015

Mondays, 1:30-6pm 207 Shaffer Art Building

Instructor:  Professor Yvonne Buchanan
Office hours:  361 Shaffer Art Building /Tuesday 10-12 noon
Phone:  443-9189

Course Schedule

Week one
January 12: Intro to Course / Reading of Syllabus
Reading of Syllabus
Assignment One

Week two
January 19
No class, Martin Luther King Birthday

Week three
January 26
Comps/ work in progress in class

Week four
February 2
Comps/ work in progress in class

Week five
February 9
critique: Assignment One
Assignment Two

Week six
February 16

Week seven
February 23
Comps/ work in progress in class

Week eight
March 2
Critique: Assignment Two

Week nine
March 9
Spring Break

Week ten
March 16
Assignment Three

Week eleven

Week twelve
March 30
Comps/ work in class

Week thirteen
Critique: Assignment Three
Assignment Four

Week fourteen
Sketches/ reference 

Week fifteen
Comps/ work in class

Week sixteen
  Final Survey     

Critique: Assignment Four

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